If you’re feeling frustrated and limited by inefficient screens, reports that don’t give you the information you want, and separate programs performing different functions that don’t talk to each other, it’s time for you to move up to a Web-based, integrated, enterprise class, accounting package with a personal touch.

KDI’s business information solution gives you a fully integrated system for taking care of everything from contact management through assets; purchasing through invoicing. And it works as intuitively as you’d expect a Windows application to.

There’s no need for you to go through the hassle of sourcing these functions from separate vendors ever again.

The tools to transform your business model, even the way you think about assets and revenue generation, are here.

Make the Leap to the Intuitive Web-Based Tool You’ve Been Searching For.
Each Package of KDI’s Accounting Application Begins With…

Beyond these, any function can be programmed to your requirements.

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As Customizable Or As Proven As You Desire.

The power of KDI’s accounting package makes it possible to personalize reports and screens to give you exactly the information you wish.

This is where we typically help organizations reduce costs–by eliminating the need to flip back and forth between data on different screens, having to enter the same data more than once, and taking too many steps to get through a process.And if you don’t want anything custom, our regular setup is suitable for nearly any client.
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Two recent applications of KDI’s technological and accounting expertise, we were able to allow them to access new revenue streams while vastly improving the way they tracked students, course loading and profitability. You can learn more about these projects here.

These accounting packages can be yours either as a system which you own the hardware and software for, or you can lease access to a system hosted by us for a monthly rate. For more information about KDI’s accounting and business information software solutions, call us toll free at 1.800.661.1755.