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One Database

Contact Management provides one database for all of your leads, customers, suppliers, regulators and competitors. The advantages of a single database are many:

The data is easy to maintain and find for reports and mailing lists.

Users in different departments can share information about your clients without the need for hand-written memos or other less efficient means of communication.

Contact Management focuses on your business contacts with an interactive on-line Diary, Mailing List and Notes system.

Company Addresses

Your accounts and prospects are set up as company addresses. Your contacts, all of the people whom your staff interact with outside of your organization, are organized with each company address.


Your staff has the freedom to add and update contact data as needed. Your staff may also use the Contact Management functions to log sales and collection transactions as they are scheduled and completed.


A shared knowledge resource adds value to all of your accounts.

Diary Actions

Scheduled reminders help your staff close sales and make collections.

Mailing List

Direct access to accurate labels keeps your direct mail on target.

Your Result

Contact Management empowers your people to increase your marketing optimization and reduce hidden costs.


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