Offsite Data Storage

Protect Your Organization’s Confidential and Vital Data


Disaster can strike. Fire, flood, hardware failure or hacker can destroy your customer records, staff information, POs & istaff information, POs & invoices and other vital data overnight. Accidentally erase a critical file? No problem. With our proprietary automated backup program coupled with ultra-reliable QNAP / NAS technology, your organization’s data will be saved every night, safely and worry-free. Your data will be available for quick recovery on our NetSentron-protected, confidential, offsite and out-of-region servers.

This solution saves you money because it backs up only those bits you have changed, or incrementally. This minimizes your bandwidth usage charges. Adding to your level of protection, our server makes “snapshots” or copies of the data on our server and stores 7 daily copies, 4 weekly and one monthly backup.

We’ll even make it easier for you. Join our IT Infrastructure Partner Program and for the hardware, our program, 2GB of traffic per month, backup on our servers and the peace of mind: just $85 / month and one-time setup for $95.00.

A variety of offsite data storage solutions are available: choose from yours being updated daily, weekly or monthly.