Time Management System

Manage your Employees and Billing More Efficiently


Most companies dealing with mobile resources like HVAC normally bill the customers after several days of the actual job date, but this lag in the billing cycle hurts small to medium sized companies. For a dispatcher, it is very important to know the technicians’ latest location, since it empowers the dispatcher to efficiently allocate new jobs to its mobile resources.

The biggest challenges of a HVAC like company are:

a.       Knowing the latest location of the technicians

b.      Getting the time sheet/job sheet from a technicians and bill within 24 hours

KDI technicians use the first version of the time sheet app on their smart phones. Traditionally, our technicians used spread sheet to maintain their time sheet, but due to the hectic nature of our business, technicians have taken weeks to upload/update their time sheet. This has adversely affected our billing cycle that in turn affected the cash flow. However, the Time Sheet Management system is an easy-to-use, and well organized app that makes life for employees much easier, and helps avoid any financial strains in between sending out bills and getting time sheets in.

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