Everest to AS/400

Moving a Client from Everest to AS/400 (I Series)


Problem: A local manufacturing company was on the AS/400 up until 2001. With a change in management they went to a PC based system, Everest. Sometime after Everest was purchased they were having difficulty getting support. The local support person recommended that they move to another PC based package. In addition to the cost of the PC software, there was the cost of the required PC upgrades and moving to the latest Windows server software.

Solution: After presenting five Windows based alternatives, consideration was made for the IBM AS/400 (I series). KDI arranged for the purchase of an inexpensive IBM I series and ensured that it was on IBM hardware and software support. KDI arranged for the migration of the data including master files and ten years of sales history. KDI saved this company tens of thousands of dollars, and has been providing top-quality support for their AS/400 since. 

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