Network Services

We have dedicated staff who provide full network services focusing on the reduction of time your company has to spend on keeping their network functional.

Network Data Protection

Netsentron is a content filter constructed to protect schools, businesses, and organizations, while allowing people to learn and produce in a safe environment. Stop all non-authorized access to your network. Get the flexibility to work with files on head office servers or have staff work on-the-go.

Search Engine Optimization

Offsite Data Storage

Your organization's data can easily be saved every day, with only the changes from the previous day being saved, which minimizes bandwidth usage charges. Our server also makes "snapshots" or copies of the data on our server and stores 7 daily copies, 4 weekly, and 1 monthly backup. 

Network Implementation

Onsite network related services; implementation of all the important elements to your IT network including design, management, protection, troubleshooting and installations and restorations. Get an IT solution with the right levels of security, access and expand-ability.

Integrated IT Management

This is the heart of our business - Computer (IT) related Consulting, Education and Implementation (Software development). Our four part integrative solution will keep your organization on top of its game and save you the frustration of working with incompatible parts to an incomplete whole.


Preventative Maintenance

Contact one of our network administrators who will gain institutional knowledge of your organization and will help stop problems before they have the chance to start. You will receive reports on what is running smoothly and what needs a little attention. Fix your IT problems before they break your bank and frustrate you and your employees.

AS/400 Support

Not many businesses give AS/400 support anymore, but thankfully, we are one of them. KDI is a business partner with IBM, and has been working on AS/400’s since the beginning. We can take care of all your maintenance and managing needs.