Customer Success

KDI has been developing IT solutions in the fields of network management, custom software applications, and network security since 1987. Here are some examples of business applications we at KDI have recently developed to help our clients manage their operations more easily. 


Perhaps one of our previous success stories stands out to you, as you are dealing with a similar problem.

Saving Toyo Tire

Toyo Tire had a choice to make. Their software was out of date and it was time to upgrade. They carefully reviewed all their options and narrowed them down to two choices: upgrade their current off-the-shelf software or opt for a customized program. After they brought in their auditors for a full assessment, the decided on the customized software solution from KDI. Although the process of creating a customized software package took longer than purchasing and installing an off-the-shelf package, that development gelled the staff together. Each department was interviewed to learn what the current software package did and did not do properly. The goal was to build the actual foundation from ground zero and incorporate the unique needs of each department into the final product. It worked.


From Everest to AS/400

Hear about how the implementation of an IBM I series with KDI CIS 6.1 helped one company from falling a part. KDI migrated inventory, customer & vendor information, as well as save them ten years of sales history.

Search Engine Optimization

How To Avoid an Event Planning Nightmare

Planning events can be a total nightmare when all the details aren't finalized. Learn more about how switching to our event planning system has benefited this organization. 

Less Work, More Play

Spend more time playing the game rather than trying to organize all the details. The Soccer League Management app has helped over 1000 players in one league. Read more about it here. 

From Snail Mail to Q-Survey

In our client's story they used to mail out all their survey forms using snail mail. The mail return rate was fairly small thus raising questions about the validity of the survey results. Read more about what happened when they turned to Q-Survey.

Increasing Time Efficiency & Cash Flow

Read about how we customized our time management app for one of clients and their cash flow increased because the lag in between timesheet submission and billing decreased! 

Linking Students to Careers Faster

Help link your post-graduate students to their dream careers right away, with less competition. Find out more about how it's helping students after graduation find their dream jobs. 

Getting a Flexible Training System

Read about how one company started using our Learning Management System for online training, and brought flexibility to their workplace and to their clients. Now they are using our system across Canada. 

Building Custom Software For Schools

One college needed to migrate their student content online, and wanted to get rid of paper applications and the registrar doing all the course sign-up. See how they're using our online student management system and getting more flexibility for their employees and students.