Learning Management System LMS – Give Flexible Training

Give Flexibility in Training from your Company by Using LMS Online


Problem: For some people, going to school full-time isn’t a viable option. Working professionals may want to update themselves to be competitive,  but can’t do that while working a full-time job as well,  though continuing education and trades education has become the norm. However, attending a class in person is more hassle than ever. As a result, organization managing professional certification and continuing education courses have an ever increasing volume of requests/questions/paperwork from the professionals, but with nowhere to send them. 

Solution:  The Learning Management System allows a trades school or organization like Canadian Home Builder Association BC to manage members professionals efficiently. LMS is a self served system, mean that professionals have the ability to create profiles and pay online for the courses. With LMS the entire course can be completed online, and so for business professionals who are juggling multiple jobs and a personal life, LMS gave Canadian Home Builder Association more flexibility in accepting students. LMS is currently being used by CHBABC and OHBA (Ontario Home Builders’ Association). The system also tracks the membership records such as registration date, membership fee payment due dates, etc. Recently, CHBA National (at Ottawa) has come on board to track members. The system gathers member information from both the provinces (BC and ON) and provides the National office all the data in a clear and organized format. LMS has significantly automated the membership management processes at the National office.

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