LMS – Learning Management Solution

Enjoy the Benefits of E-Learning


E-Learning has rapidly taken stake in the global workforce for all industry sectors. Implementing e-Learning can be difficult, time consuming and costly for many organizations, large or small. An effective e-Learning strategy requires three main components: relevant and engaging course content, an effective platform for the delivery of courses, and an ability to manage employee/student accounting.


E-Learning provides a cost effective solution to standardize training procedures across an organization as well as an ability to drill down to train specific skills sets for employees.


The recent trend emphasizing corporate accountability has also contributed to the popularity of e-Learning. The features of e-Learning have been reported to improving organization credibility in all areas including skills training, compliance laws and business ethics. The features also provide verifiable proof that employees have been schooled in the laws and regulations governing business practices, improving organization credibility. The benefits of e-Learning are widely published including lowering training costs, increasing competency, reducing turn-over and improving productivity.

Advantages of LMS to organizations can be summarized as below:

  • Centralize everyday activity: scheduling, registration, instructor conflict checking
  • Provide you key reports to make informed decisions
  • Allow more time for staffers to focus on important tasks
  • Increase sales and help the team stay within budget
  • Track success of training
  • Manage training, at multiple locations
  • Create a website that generates class registrations
  • Can be implemented in a timely and affordable fashion



CLMS enables the delivery, management, and administration of enterprise-wide training and blended learning solutions (a combination of online and traditional classroom training). Even with online/computer-based courses in place, it is impossible to accurately calculate the ROI of your e-Learning investment without an accounting LMS. CLMS is equiped with hierarchial contact management with basic accounting feature that allows managers to track revenue and generate financial reports. Instructors can view the progress of students throughout the entire training cycle as well as manage compliance with industry standards and regulations. CLMS allows an organization to centralize content, student management, and reporting in one convenient interface and technology package.