A Statement of Faith

Way back in Ghana – I had to reflect on why we do what we do.
We were challenged to reflect on our assumptions that lead to our mission statement.
Hence the “statement of faith” This is what we believe that drives us to do what and how we do it.


We believe (our statement of faith):

That technology should be a positive influence on the people of this planet.

That by helping our clients through training, building and maintaining IT that fits their needs and aspirations we are contributing to the greater good of mankind.

That technology should fit your needs and aspirations rather than you having to fit the technology.

That there is a time to adopt IT to best practices, but best practices are past practices and that a generic implementation of generic technology gives generic results.

This means that:

We actively seek organizations that can benefit from the effective use of technology.

We do this with a team of professionals who understand technology as well as our client’s culture and objectives.

We work as advocates, on our client’s behalf, to develop and maintain systems designed to meet their goals and expectations.