RSVP Online – Saving Human Resources From a Nightmare

RSVP Online – Saving Human Resources From a Nightmare


Problem: An organizers nightmare: RSVP or lack of it. Trying to collect an RSVP from a large number of participants can be daunting, especially if you are organizing multiple events at a time. The sheer volume of RSVP’s can easily overwhelm human resources, especially considering when some of the events are “Pay per Participation” basis. Dealing with registration fee on the day of the event/workshop is resource intensive, and without knowledge of the participation level, planning an event is virtually impractical. One university was having these very problems, and wasn’t sure what to do about the massive amount of work and confusion that came with simply planning an event.

Solution: Our client started using KDI’s RSVPortal as their flexible online registration system. It allows participants to RSVP online and also allows them to pay for the registration depending on the event. Knowing the number of participants well before the event date helped solidify plans and organize resources more effectively.  The organizers are able to create different levels of fees based on the participants’ status (Regular and Student) and actual registration date (Early Bird Registration). Now the university uses this system to collect registrations for all the events and workshops, and also uses the system to create an email list for future events, making each event easier to plan than the last.

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