From Snail Mail to Q-Survey

Upgrading from Snail Mail to Q-Survey


Problem: For a distributed business in customer service industry, understanding the needs and complaints of a customer is immensely important. To maintain a quality of service in all departments and branches, the head office must have an unbiased, non-tampered, first hand information directly from all the customers. This means the head office must directly contact the customers. This is a daunting task considering mailing out a survey form and tallying when they come in. Nufloors is a buying group that deals with flooring materials and installation. They have outlets across BC and Alberta. They used to mail out the survey forms using snail mail. The mail return rate was fairly small thus raising questions about the validity of the survey results. The company was unsure about how to get feedback in a cost and time-effective manner.

Solution: Nufloors turned to Q-Survey. Q-Survey allowed them to create highly customizable surveys comparable to Survey Monkey. Q- Survey also contains customer management system, so when a customer makes purchase, the sales rep enters the customer details, such as email, and  then the customer gets a survey fills it online. The system organizes all the information and tallies the response for each sales rep and branch reporting the data to the branch manager and the head office. Several reports are generated that helps the management to improve the service. Although the survey is anonymous, if the customer chooses, the branch manager gets an email automatically to get in touch with the customer, building the company’s contact database. Q-Survey has equipped Nufloors with a better surveying tool with less money and time spent.