Customized Time Management Solution

Increase your Cash Flow and Decrease Wasted Time


Problem: One company was having difficulties with their time sheet management for their technicians. Their clients needed special electronic files that track the job. The dispatcher was also having a difficult time efficiently allocating new jobs to the technicians, since he didn’t know the latest location of the technicians all the time. 

Solution: KDI customized the already existing Time Sheet app that the KDI technicians use to better fit the needs of the client. Instead of using spreadsheets to maintain time, now our client used the time sheet app, which minimized the time it took to fill in time sheets, as well as minimizing the time it takes to upload the time sheets and bill clients, meaning faster cash flow! We customized the app into a  worksheet with a built into calculator that computes the revenue for the contractor and the contractor can pair the special electronic file with their work sheet. The first version of the time sheet evolved to manage the time, revenue calculator and invoicing platform, and then we added support history where both dispatcher and technicians have a wealth of information about equipment at a client’s location at their finger tips. We have given extra care to improve user experience.