Linking Students to Careers

Linking Students to Careers Faster


Problem: Often students go to job fairs post-graduation in order to explore their options and make connections, but job fairs are tiresome to organize and expensive. Job fairs lack the focus and restrictions that recent graduates need in order for outsider competition to be shut down. Schools want to offer students opportunities to use their new degrees to build their careers, and industry partners are wanting to connect with and recruit these fresh graduates, but this is harder than it seems.

Solution: ACTS Seminaries at Trinity Western University decided to use the Career-Linked app to help connect students with employers. Career-Link is an online venue where only students from a graduate school can participate in the job hunt. The industry partners’ job posts are only visible to the students, also allowing businesses to advertise their jobs, and so the schools can charge a fee for the advertisements turning this app into profit. ACTS Seminaries is successfully using the Career-Linked job portal for their graduate students and finding it to be a cheaper and more effective for the businesses, students and the school.


Can you relate? Let us know how we can help connect your students with their future careers.