Career Linked Job Board

Create a Win-Win Solution for You and Your Students


Job competition is extremely high, which is why most graduate schools have industry partners who are willing to recruit the fresh graduates. Students also like to explore their options, and see what else is out there for them, beyond the school’s industry partners. Traditionally, have explored their options by going to career fairs their school sets up, but organizing fairs is time consuming and expensive, and these job fairs lack focus and restriction, meaning that outsiders can compete with the students. What if there were an easier way?

The Career-Linked job board app is an online venue where only students from your graduate school can participate in the job hunt. Industry partners’ job posts are only visible to the students. The tool also allows businesses to advertise their jobs, meaning that your school can charge a fee for the advertisements turning this app as a profit center. Students can manage their resume, and create customized resumes and cover letters tailored to each job posting, and just upload it to the site. The job board provides a cheaper and more effect job portal for a graduate schools. ACTS Seminaries at Trinity Western University are using Career-Linked job portal for their graduate students.

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