Less Work and More Play – SLM

Less Work and More Play


Problem: The BC Christian Soccer League had many different organizers who were all managing the teams on top many other responsibilities such as being employed full-time elsewhere, and having a family. At the beginning of each season league organizers were spending weeks entering information for players and managing teams. They faced a number of challenges that came with having a 1000 player roster. Managing grounds and informing players of changing schedules, collecting game sheets and managing play-off games all were a few of the time consuming problems that the managers faced. 

Solution: The Soccer League Management app was implemented for the league, which is a self-serve system where managing teams and player statistics becomes easy for anyone to use. Team managers can enter and upload a signed game sheet after the game, and the management app also allows players to switch teams but still carry forward their stats. The system allows managers to download a game sheet 24 hours before the game provided that the all old game sheets have been uploaded and verified. The app automatically suspends a player based on the number of yellow, red cards that a player received in the season. Now players and managers have more time to work on their soccer skills instead of losing time trying to organize the games. The League Management app is successfully managing 42 teams in 3 divisions with over 1000 players.