Purchase Orders

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The Right Supplier

The Purchasing database helps your buyers find the right suppliers for the required products and parts, and then helps them negotiate the best deal.


Requisitions can be generated and then turned into a Purchase Order to your stock and cost item suppliers.

Order Tracking

As goods are ordered through the system, the Purchase Order status can be updated and tracked by your expeditors.

Multiple Manufacturer And Vendor

Alternate sources are readily available for special orders, comparative pricing or emergency rebuys.

Online Receiving

Receiving tickets can be printed with each item’s quality attributes to assist in the receiving and inspection of incoming goods. As goods are received, a record of the transaction is made which facilitates the matching of goods to both the purchase order and the supplier’s invoice.

Your Result

Purchase data becomes useful throughout the buying cycle, as your operations, transportation and administration staff are kept up-to-date on what stock is expected and what stock has already arrived. Purchase histories become useful to your buying agents in their relationships with your suppliers.


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