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Eliminates Consolidation Errors

The General Ledger system is a multi-company financial database allowing different companies to share the same chart of accounts. This eliminates costly consolidation errors and makes switching between companies as easy as switching between screens.

Chart of Account Rename

Account numbers are easily reassigned, audit records are created, and all journal entries, budget and actual data reflect the new account numbers.

Financial Period Control

You control the number of fiscal and adjusting periods, while keeping budget and financial histories on-line for as long as required.

Journal Entries

While most journal entries are generated from other modules, they keep their basic functions. Journal entries can be entered, copied, reversed and posted from the General Ledger module.

Account Balance

Balance details from groups of accounts, with easy access to the specific journal entries.

Financial Report Writer

A basic, flexible tool where pre-defined columns and account groups are assembled to generate your reports from any reporting entity.


Foreign exchange transactions can be entered in their original currency. Exchange rate gains and losses are taken into account when the transactions are completed.

Statistical Analysis

In addition to tracking cash flow, the General Ledger has the ability to track and report other performance criteria such as units, or paid hours.

Your Result

Multi-company financials are managed quickly from the specific details to the big picture.


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