Inventory Control

Inventory Control Application Menu

Documentation for Application.

Keeping Track

Similar to the General Ledger module, the Inventory Control module is used for keeping track of inventory items and posting adjustment amounts.

Item Attributes

Includes a bill of materials, listing the parts and process routine of manufactured items. Item costs can be shown as:

  • Standard Cost
  • Average Cost
  • Last Cost

Several other useful attributes can be recorded including:

  • Dimension
  • Weight
  • Drilling

Item Forecast

Detailed item attributes assist your users with their product planning.

Item Summaries

Item transactions and warehouse movement summaries can be kept for as long as required. Transaction codes can be set up and customized to your specific tracking requirements.

Your Result

Sales and purchasing operate efficiently with the benefit of accurate on-hand quantities. Your customer service is enhanced while your inventory levels are kept under control.


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