Order Entry

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Contacts Become Customers

Similar to the General Ledger module, the Inventory Control module is used for keeping track of inventory items and posting adjustment amounts.

Order Processing

Orders are easily entered, reviewed, copied and maintained providing quick access to sales, tax and order history data.


The bridge between orders and Accounts Receivables. After the picking slips are printed and the orders are confirmed, packing slips and invoices are generated.

Credit Memos

Generated and invoiced with reason codes attached to assist in analyzing your returns.

Sales Analysis

Summarized at a region and at an order entry item class level, sales can be reported to a detailed customer and item level.

Customer Language

Foreign language descriptions, labeling and other materials are produced for export markets.

Multiple Discount Structures

Customers can be offered controlled discounts based on their order volumes, through a Customer Discount code.

Multiple Currency Structures

Services offered internationally can be localized by currency and price, through a Price List code.

Multiple List Price Structures

Discounts are organized by discount types, then by item and quantity. Everything comes together in customer maintenance as customers are assigned both Customer Discount codes and Price List codes.

Your Result

Order Entry details are available to all of your authorized staff who take responsibility for processing fills, deliveries, and accounting records. This data is also useful for budgeting and forecasting future re-buy orders with your customers.


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