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Set your IBM AS/400 data free! OR Rescue your IBM/400 data! OR ???

You have decided to move off of your IBM server and left your data on an island of the old IBM server.  While your staff are using the new application they still have to go back to the old application to check customer order history, purchasing and parts history. One solution is to export all the files into spreadsheets. An ERP system is complex and can include over one hundred files. Your staff then have to learn how to search a library of spreadsheets or workbooks to find the information they need. A better solution would be to export everything to MS access and use the tools to build a query and reports. This means you need a data expert on staff.

KDI has a better, more cost effective solution, to rescue your data from either tape backup or your IBM server. Save the money of keeping your IBM server on maintenance for historical look-ups. Save the aggravation of you staff as they hunt and peck through spreadsheets.

KDI has a five step process to unlock your data and put it into a web based application that can be hosted in your data center or in secure location in the cloud.

  1. We start with an application overview call with your staff to scope the project.
  2. We arrange and use a secure access to pull the data from your IBM server or recover the data from back-up tapes.
  3. We convert the IBM DBII file definitions for any tables that have data in it to a MySQL data definition.
  4. We create a LAMP slice using the MySQL definitions and migrate the data to the slice.
  5. We build PHP work with functions where you can search and drill down based on customer, vendor, part, employee, account or other major files.

We are experienced and have seen it all. We can handle S/36 program defined files, JD Edwards date conversions and S/38 file conventions.

For more information or a free estimate contact KDI.

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