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As mentioned previously, Covid-19 has caused untold complications for businesses worldwide, the sudden lockdown and move to a remote workforce hurried some businesses into buying tools they do not need, cannot use effectively or simply do not understand.

IT and Cloud infrastructure are gradually becoming the most integral part of any and every business, with the advancements in technology the world is making a hasty move to a world run by internet-connected devices, and that has been accentuated by the rapid increase in remote working. It is easy to see why businesses are adopting these techniques, IT and Cloud services can create a business infrastructure that allows for advanced amounts of productivity compared to old work practices (pen and paper, etc), they also allow for remote working to be possible. But without the correct IT knowhow Cloud infrastructure can be difficult to understand.


Ask yourself some questions

Remembering to ask yourself some questions regarding your Cloud infrastructure can be beneficial to you in the long run. It can also ensure you make the right decision for your business right now

Is the Cloud infrastructure familiar? Do not change the hardware or software that your staff is most familiar with wherever possible, this is unproductive when they begin working remotely it is hard enough as it is to adapt without changing all work processes at once when not necessary. It can be very difficult, time-consuming, and tedious training from a remote work setting.

Does it allow integrations? Integration can make for a productive workday, finding a platform (Microsoft Teams) that offers a one-stop-shop for as many of your work needs as possible whilst serving a purpose with everything in one place.

Where is your data stored? Data transferred outside the UK is illegal unless sufficient legal protection is in place, it is important to know where your data is stored.

How difficult is the migration? Find out with the provider how difficult a transition to the new infrastructure can be. You may discover it will put you out of business for a while which you might not be able to afford, or perhaps staff training would not be cost-effective if the system differs from its predecessor too much, it may simply not be worth the hassle.



A lot of businesses do not understand the keywords and phrases used, most blogs and websites use abbreviations presuming the average reader will understand. Here is an example of the four main Cloud infrastructure services.


Four of the main Cloud infrastructure acronyms

  • PaaS – Platform as a service
  • SaaS – Software as a service
  • IaaS – Infrastructure as a service
  • HaaS – Hardware as a service

All four Cloud infrastructures are subscription-based.

We will now explore these in more detail, what they mean and where they are relevant to you and the daily running of your business.


> PaaS

Platform as a Service is a type of Cloud computing that offers a platform to clients, enabling them to run and manage certain applications of their own without having to maintain the infrastructure behind it all.

> SaaS

Software as a Service is a software tools distribution model where a third-party provider hosts the application and makes them available to customers over the internet via a subscription-based model. You pay for access to the latest software upgrades whilst the provider ensures a secure monitored place for storage and collaboration.

> IaaS

Infrastructure as a Service is a computing infrastructure, that is managed over the internet. A Cloud computing service provider manages the infrastructure for you, and your purchase, install, and manage your software yourself.

> HaaS

Hardware as a Service is a business model where companies provide you with your computing hardware on a subscription basis, for example, you can get a printer as Hardware as a service and pay a monthly subscription if there is a problem the provider will replace or fix your printer as part of your monthly payment.

Keep this basic terminology, information, and advice in mind when making your decision on what tools to spend your money on to utilise remote working and its tools effectively and not at an extortionate price.


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