Do your IT-driven business process not accomplish what you want them to? KDI can fix them.

Which Do You Think Is Best For You?

Our competitors, who:

Change your business processes to match their software …or…

Experienced KDI programmers, who:

Change our software to match your business processes.

Why not make use of KDI programmers’ extensive, multi-industry experience to provide you with a software solution that clicks with your organizational functions?  Our programmers will kick start your custom project with knowledge earned from previous experience — and that will:

  • put your project well ahead of the start point others can offer
  • shorten the development cycle to completion
  • make the implementation phase faster

And all this will save you big dollars over the course of the project. Depending on your needs, we will build either a:

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Read a one-page, historical case study of a KDI-provided custom business information system software solution for Toyo Tire Canada.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Is your organization looking at setting up EDI? A program for computerizing ordering can help your organization, but there are many pitfalls to avoid when building the system. If you don’t have expert help, you’ll fall into them for sure. EDI setup is a painstaking and remarkably “nitpicky” process. We have extensive experience in setting up, and migrating (such as when one company that hasn’t had EDI buys another that has been using their own system–and now everything has to be changed over to the parent company), EDI systems. Give us a call to discuss your project, and what we can do to help you successfully transition to a profitable EDI system.


Other KDI Applications

SIREN – a mass alert notification broadcast system

RADAR – lone worker monitoring and more

Online Education – applications to expand learning and make management of students easier

Websites – both custom and simple self-edit websites, giving you as much or as little help as you want.


To see some examples of recent software projects we at KDI have been working on to make life easier for our clients, click here!