R A D A R – Remote Acknowledgment for Dispatching And Routing.


RADAR Lone Worker Monitoring is the first solution of what will become a comprehensive, mobile device-driven, workforce management toolkit. Presently, the solution provides organizations with the ability to automatically and regularly check on the well-being of its workforce. (See the RADAR website) This is useful to:

  • effortlessly and effectively monitor the ongoing safety status of isolated workers
  • free up dispatchers from this mundane task to work on more pressing issues
  • comply with local Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) or other provincial/state Occupational Health and Safety regulatory enforcement bodies.

The RADAR application has its own website, here.


RADAR Lone Worker Monitor automatically sends a signal to the mobile device of designated workers at intervals set up by the employer in compliance with local safety regulations. The system works worldwide, anywhere there is Internet service. Examples of businesses commonly having lone workers include electrical, HVAC, glass, healthcare/nursing, couriers, construction, and realty. The lone worker, making use of the physical characteristics of the mobile device (for instance the wheel and buttons of the BlackBerry), rapidly makes the acknowledgment that they are okay.

Should the individual working alone fail to respond, repeated signals are then sent at intervals also meeting the requirements stated above. Repeater signals can also be transmitted to additional devices the lone worker may have with them.

Clients have the flexibility to customize RADAR’s operating parameters such as the number of attempts to contact the lone worker, and the intervals between the attempts. Following a designated number of missed attempts, a second level of contacts is notified. These could be management, paramedics, and multiple others for example. Should these fail to respond, a third level of contacts can be notified of the emergency.

Records of all monitoring events–signals, acknowledgments and emergencies–are kept in our secure database.

This eliminates entirely the need for lone workers interrupting their tasks, the need for dispatchers to be constantly on the phone making checkup calls, and cumbersome record-keeping for regulatory compliance.



KDI’s RADAR Lone Worker Monitor is the most cost-effective, easy-to-setup system available. We provide both the database management and mobile device applications. After registering, clients can enter the contact and timing data or we can assist you with setup (uploading a database or other tasks) as an additional service.


For more information about R A D A R, visit the RADAR website or contact KDI toll free at 1.800.661.1755.