Depending on your requirements and budget, KDI can give you several options to meet your organization’s accounting software needs. These include:

Customized reporting

Perhaps you do not like the way your current system provides you with information, especially in the form of reports. If you have an idea of how you would like data reorganized and presented to you to make decision-making easier, we maybe able to help. KDI’s expertise includes not only information technology, but also accounting and business processes. This rare combination allows us to extract pertinent data from your existing system, and reformat it into a form that makes your life less stressful. It may be that you want two reports combined, or one to be completely reorganized to make critical information clear and readable. You may also want data to be exported from your system into an application like Excel, where you can then work with it. Call us if your current system is bugging you.

Core Information System (CIS)

Complete, proven, multi-module accounting, inventory, customer relationship management system. Can be customized to your requirements. Detailed information is here.


The updated version of CIS, now running on a LAMP stack with a Windows look. More detail is here.

Hosted Services

Designed to minimize costs, the KDI-hosted CIS or CIS-LAMP accounting application can be offered as a monthly service. Web-hosted on your own secure site, offering secure login for your designated employees or representatives. Instead of buying the application, get the use of it for a low monthly rate! Call us at 1.800.661.1755 for more information.