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Resilience, identity and what’s coming in cybersecurity

The global pandemic has had enormous implications for the nature of work and the role of technology in the workplace. While many have…
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Number of “Breached” Records Hits 36 Billion in 2020

The number of publicly reported data breaches fell in the third quarter of 2020, but billions more records were exposed globally to bring…
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Employee Awareness Recognized as Biggest Lockdown Security Failing

Employee awareness is seen as the biggest area of weakness for firms’ cybersecurity strategies over the past few months of mass remote working…
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Microsoft Teams reaches 115 million daily active users

A new way to work and learn for a new digital age When the pandemic first instigated a global shift to remote work, videoconferencing emerged as an immediate solution to work-from-home restrictions. But as the initial era of “remote everything” has given way…
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