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Is your website outdated and expensive to maintain, because it’s complicated to work with and takes too much time?

What’s a Website For, Really?

Many websites are pretty but do not fulfill their actual function. What a website is supposed to do is drive a funnel of incoming sales leads to you.

When a client calls us for website help, they usually want one of two things:

1. To “pretty-up” their old site, and make it look modern.

2. To develop the website into a machine that allows customers who otherwise wouldn’t have done business with them, or existing clients to more easily buy from them, access to their products and services.

If reason #1 is why you’re here, consider reason #2. You can have both–and wouldn’t you rather have a website that makes you money, rather than one that just informs visitors about who you are and what you do?

Income streams can be developed through website applications as a storefront. KDI has years of experience in creating storefronts that allow your customers to buy in safe, secure, informed surroundings.

You can read more about website hosting, development and other services KDI offers through our business unit at

Also, if you are considering Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as a means of improving your sales process, we can help you set up the application, tables and code you will need in an organized manner. EDI is a complicated, nitpicky system to set up, with one error halting the entire process. Have a chat with us about how our experience can save you considerable time and money in arranging EDI with your customers.


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