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A web-based management software designed for commercial and residential service businesses.  
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We provide the necessary setup & maintenance for establishing a secure network to keep your data secure.

We provide software solutions that not only fit the unique aspects of your business, but that continue to work as you scale.

We have found a modern solution that works for businesses who still function using the IBM AS/400 system.

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KDI is an expert partner for complete IT Services and Networking Support based out of the Greater Vancouver area. We are your one-stop IT solution, uniquely combining aspects of information technology, software development, and accounting expertise to make your work life easier. 


We made our name through specializing in IBM AS/400 Legacy Systems. Yet, we pride ourselves on having a team of experts who are experienced in designing custom applications and providing services perfect for your specific needs and desires.

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We help reduce you chances of being a victim of cyber attack through setting up and maintaining a network firewall and Antivirus

Ensure your information is backed up and safe in case of unexpected disasters, computer crashes or cyber attacks. 

Finding experienced AS/400 support is rare, finding a company who has multiple AS/400 experts is extraordinary. 

Manage your mobile workforce by implementing software that is designed to create a transparent business. www.YourRadar.net

Our software is designed to work with virtually any business size, budget,  industry and desired use.

Create an online portal for students to access course content, marks, registration, transcripts & more.



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