Siren Real-time Event Notification Software

Get In Contact Fast with SIREN – Immediate, Real-time Event Notification Software.


SIREN is a broadcast alert notification system. When you want to rapidly deliver a brief yet important message to people in your organization, SIREN by KDI will take up the call.SIREN is intended to be used for high priority broadcasts only: not spam, social networking or advertising. The system works anywhere there are active Internet and cellular networks. Those who wish to receive SIREN notifications ‘opt in’ by providing information to a contact method such as a BlackBerry, cell phone, or email account. As with all the sensitive data KDI is routinely entrusted with, like financial records and student grades, this contact information is kept in the strictest of confidence, never shared, and protected on servers behind our ultra-secure NetSentron firewalls.

When you or your designated administrator determines a priority communication must be broadcast, SIREN transmits your brief message to these receivers.

Access to SIREN is extremely limited and protected. Each client has their own customized SIREN website. Even if your computer network is down, as long as you can get onto the website (say through the Web browser on your cell phone), you will be able to access SIREN and send a notification.

Clients can have KDI upload their contact database as an additional service, submit the data themselves, or have their end users self-enter their information. Receivers of each SIREN notification can be limited to one or multiple Groups (eg. management, students in residence, commuting students, mobile workers), or as few as a single individual searched out of the database.