LMS Architecture Overview

LMS Architecture


We realized that the LMS is incomplete without a contact management, an accounting module and a comprehensive course management system. In any business setting, from university to training institution to corporate organization, there are two aspects of providing online education. Most LMS tools in the market only provide learning management system that allows instructor or administrator to author the course, host it and view course related statistics. However, most organization require an administering tool along with LMS tool. CLMS is a blend of academic paradigm and background business module required to run a successful academy.

Contact management system is based on our accounting software. A CLMS allows an organization to maintain business information of a client as well as contacts within that business with minimum admin intervention or input.

Course component management system breaks down all the entities that collectively form online course. The system flexibility permits an admin to create and manage as many course components as possible.

Course management system inherits normal educational system where course become a top level entity in course offering. Each course comprises of several sessions or instances. An admin can define several parameters such as cost, maximum allowed number of students in each session, registration deadline dates, due dates for home work and course completion dates. The system can host as many course as required.

Enrollment system assists an individual to enroll to a course. System has provision for an admin to enroll an individual to a course. Every organization has defined regulation for online payment collection. CLMS has in-built interfaces that can talk to several Payment Gateways such as PayPal, Beanstream for TD Canada or any other financial institutes.

Similarly, there are several LMS standards. CLMS can ready integrate course developed in SCORM 1.2 and IMS. It uses free LMS such as Moodle or it can also integrate with UDUTU with minimum fee.

CLMS is developed to assist IT staffs as most of the operations are automated. Running and managing CLMS takes less effort and monitoring. The system can communicate with an admin, an instructor, a client or student in the form or notification, reminder, etc. CLMS produces in-depth financial reports as well.