KDI’s Convenient Auto Backup Solution Means Your ‘Mission Critical’ Business Data Is Saved Every Night.


Maybe you’ve been trying to do this backup thing yourself. How’re you making out? You lug in the backup server every morning, plug it into the machine, and at the end of the day download the updated data. Then you unplug it and take it home. Inconvenient, isn’t it? Or…like thousands of other busy people, maybe you completely forget.

A backup server that you forget to use has no value. Neither does one that you back up to and leave at the office. Your data has to be transported to safety, offsite, for any backup system to be effective. Fortunately, KDI has developed a convenient backup solution that effortlessly accomplishes this for you. No more plugging in, unplugging, and forgetting. No more worrying about what would happen if there was a disaster. A proprietary program completely automating the backup process, keeping your data protected, combined by KDI with reliable QNAP technology. Plug it in once and never worry about it again.

Our two packages:

[accordion titles=”QNAP TS-209 Pro II Package A^QNAP TS-209 Pro II Package B” sc_id=”sc1387232178224″]with Script & 2x 500GB HD with RAID: $735.00*^with Script & 2x1TB HD with RAID: $885.00*[/accordion]

*shipping & taxes extra.