Network Installation


A failed hard drive or accidentally deleted file should be a minor nuisance, not a disaster. Your data is only as good as your ability to access it, though. With a proper backup & restoration strategy in place, KDI technicians will help you restore lost data quickly and get your processes back to normal operation.

Network Installation

Whether your operation has a handful of employees or dozens of branches, we will put together the right server package to power your organization. KDI staff have specific expertise with servers and have been providing client solutions featuring IBM AS/400 servers and peripherals since the late 1980s. KDI also provides IBM Netfinity servers to a wide range of clients. Call us at 1.800.661.1755 to discuss which server–the heart of your network operations–is most suitable for your organization.

KDI also produces the NetSentron, an ultra-high security firewall, network management device and true Website content filter. Your organization, people and data will be safe with the installation of the appropriate NetSentron application.

On occasion we are asked to coordinate installation of telephone & networking equipment provided by other suppliers, in the manner of a general contractor.