Network Monitoring

KDI implemented a network monitoring solution readily available to all our clients.  The system monitors Windows, Linux and IBM AS/400 (I series) servers as well as managed switches.

The monitor service can track and store history of any device added to the system.  Whether it’s a back-up server with low disk space or a switch with a faulty port – it tracks it all.  It can alert our staff of possible breaches and gives us a “heads up” before the client may know that they may have a problem.

The service is so well rounded that it can adapt to just about any company we support.

Additional features of the service include that it can provide a live view of the network topology – that is basically a graphical display or map of the client’s network with real-time color coded icons for each device.  So we can see instantly where the problem is reported.  It has the integration of many devices with practically any operating system.  So the service is not limited to windows servers.  It has a multitude of notification alert methods.  It can be configured to send a text message to a cell phone, an email or a call out to a pager.  Currently it is structured to send a broadcast email to all KDI technicians; however, it can be easily configured to send a text message or an email to our client’s IT contact or onsite support person.

We would recommend this service, and  make it available, to all of our clients.  It is extremely easy to implement no matter how many devices or how complex the network paths.

It is offered free as part of our total network support package.  It is free because it allows us to do a better job, and it one more tool that we use to ensure that our clients’ networks are running at the best for their organization.