Network Design

[title type=”h2″ font_size=”default” letter_spacing=”” font_weight=”” align=”center” font_family=”” color=”” bottom_indent=”” sc_id=”sc1376591838431″]Let us take the whole problem of network design and management off your shoulders[/title]


Whether you’re just opening your doors or in the midst of changeovers at an established firm, KDI’s expertise will be extremely valuable in optimizing your network design. 

If you are a new organization

Our network technicians will meet with you to determine the most effective layout, equipment and support for your organization. If desired, we will be happy to take on sourcing functions and ensure that the precisely correct equipment arrives as specified. We will then supervise and complete the installation as required.

If you are an existing organization

You probably have an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and software vendors or application hosts, all acting independently–but not always together–to help you operate various IT-driven processes. Got an Internet connection? Of course you do, or you wouldn’t be reading this. Got an EDI software vendor? Someone who hosts your website?

KDI will act as your advocate to communicate and coordinate activities between all of these vendors to ensure you get the most out of your Information Technology. This eliminates a whole layer of unnecessary and often distorting communication, relieves you of the burden of trying to keep abreast of your network management issues, and focuses all IT activity on producing the very best results for your organization.

We will also recommend improvements in order to achieve greater utilization, uptime and satisfaction level of the people using the network.

Looking for a Total Integrated Information Technology Solution: design, equipment selection, security, offsite data backup and easy retrieval, and computer-driven business processes including order entry, accounting, and customer management?

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