Run Time

Run Time Application Menu

Documentation for Application.


The Run Time module provides for a set of basic functions and validation files across all core applications. This is your look behind-the-scenes to customize the appearance of menus, and the company names within your organization, and to control user access to files, menus and functions.


Provided by the system, the basic menu and program security can also be used to maintain the multi-company structure and user application security with the company structure.

AS/400 Menu System

A soft menu system can be customized both by application and by user. The menu system also includes a user attention key menu where the most common AS/400 or application program functions can be available to your users in a few minutes.

Maximum Function Reuse

Currency, unit of measure, account representative, seasonality and shipping method are all managed and shared across the seven major CIS modules.

Your Result

Your systems staff have the control to arrange your displays, functions and user access to best suit the needs of your organization.


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