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The CIS Membership Management Module covers Accounts Receivable functions, agreements, benefits and other related topics. While this is not a complete accounting system, KDI’s Core Information System offers Accounts Payable, and General Ledger modules that can be integrated with this module, to provide you with a complete system.

Members, Employers and Agreements

The basis for a union member’s relationship with his or her employer, is the collective bargaining agreement. Each agreement may cover several employers. Employers may not be covered by more than one agreement, but different employers may have their own unique agreements with the same organization. The Membership Management Module helps you keep track of employers and agreements.

When members are entered into the system, they are normally assigned an Employer (Source) Code. Employer Codes determine Agreement Codes, which in turn determine the dues owed by the members.

Unemployed members are governed by the organization’s business rules.

Collecting and Entering Dues Payments

There are two basic methods for collecting dues. Some employers submit dues on behalf of the members who are working for them. Other members submit their dues independently.

When dues payments are received and entered into the system, the programs query the source of the dues, the employer, and then query the agreement that the employer has signed with the organization. The Agreement Code determines the exact amount owed by the member based on the dues type, arrears and any adjustments built into the contract.

There are usually several different Dues categories including Initiation, Retired and others. Each dues category is governed by the agreement or rule that pertains to the member.

Scope and Scalability

Whether your organization is a small non-profit society, or a world class labor group, the Membership Management Module can help you keep up-to-date with your people.


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