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John Cameron ROCK SOLID Business Coach


Fields & Industries We Have Experience In

Listing every industry or field we’ve ever worked in over the past two decades here would be boring to read!  However, here are the highlights:


    • Accounting
    • Automotive & Auto Parts
    • Business Development
    • Construction
    • Consumer Goods Manufacturing
    • Funeral Services
    • High-Tech Products Manufacturing
    • Insurance Services
    • Leasing & Credit Management
    • Motor Control
    • Municipalities & Local Governments
    • Postsecondary, Public, Private & Continuing Education
    • Process Improvement
    • Production/Operations Management
    • Shipbuilding
    • Unions
    • Wholesale Warehousing & Distribution.


And remember, if it’s not listed here, that doesn’t necessarily mean we haven’t worked in your industry!

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