Custom Applications

Custom Applications


“Software in a can” doesn’t change. Why would you choose an application where somebody else thinks they’ve already figured out how they’re going to solve every one your problems, without ever having met you? How could they possibly do that?

A custom software solution for you from KDI will intuitively correlate with your existing business processes. This means training time is much shorter, and your people don’t have to “unlearn” what they already know.

Got an idea for an application that could make your work easier, saving you time and money? KDI programmers can bring it to life! Let’s quickly look at two examples of how we have done this for clients:

Waybill Printing Software

A courier service approached us and requested a waybill printing application for their customers. The specifications required the application to run on low powered PCs in Windows. We provided them with the software, training and user guides. Now, their customers are producing legible waybills quickly and efficiently–saving their shipper/receivers’ time and reducing mistakes in package addressing.

Marine Engine Control User Interface

A company in the marine controls industry asked us to produce a front-end for the PC interface to an engine controlling system. Our Visual Basic developers produced an attractive user interface that enables sea captains to control their engines through a laptop PC.